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    4 Grain Whiskey

    When we decided to start Liberty Call Distilling, it was with the intent of making Whiskey. We wanted to create [...]

    Navy Strength White Rum

    For our rums, it starts with the sugar. We use pure, evaporated cane juice that is the cleanest form of [...]

    Spiced Rum

    Our Spiced Rum expands on the White Rum base. We re-distill the rum, load our botanical basket with 8 spices [...]

    Liberty Call Distilling

    San Diegans enjoy their Micro-Brews enough to make San Diego the go to spot in the United States for Craft Beer. Known for discerning palates and a keen nose for artisanal beer, the locals have made San Diego a very respected and sought after destination for Micro-Brews. So why not spirits?

         We are not trying to make bourbon in San Diego. Scotch should be made in Scotland, and Tequila should be made in Mexico. We want to make craft spirits that are indigenous to the City of San Diego. Crafted with care, and using techniques learned from Master Distillers, our goal is to create One-of-a-Kind Whiskeys and Rums that will have spirit lovers yearning for all things San Diegan.


         Liberty Call Distilling, with the help of our friends, will make Hand Crafted, Locally Made Whiskeys and Rums that will help forever change the landscape of Spirits in Southern California.

    Who is Liberty Call Distilling?

    Bill Rogers

    Bill is the Founder of Liberty Call Distilling. With a background in sales, bourbon, rum, homebrewing, as well as being a chemistry major during his 2nd and 3rd freshman years, Bill wants to create a portfolio of spirits unique to San Diego.

    Steve Grella
    Head Distiller

    Steve is a Navy vet with family roots in moonshining. He has the redneck/backwoods knowledge it takes to run a still. He also brings a keen taste and a very bushy beard to Liberty Call.

    Addison Poth
    Head Brewer

    As a former head brewer at Back Alley Draft House in Albuquerque, and current assistant brewer at a local brewery, Addison brings much needed brewing know-how to the operation. As well as a bushy beard.

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