Private Label

Have you thought about starting your own distillery? Do you have a great idea for a liquor? Liberty Call Distilling is offering contract manufacturing services for those looking to enter the spirit market. Design and sell your own spirits without the expense or time constraints involved in opening a distillery. Located in Spring Valley, California just outside of San Diego. We can make any type of spirit that you can think of. Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, and Gin are all available. General lead time for a product is 3-6 months with all government approvals. We can help with logo and label design, bottling, marketing, and branding. We will work with you to design your spirit. We offer low start-up costs, and small minimum quantities. Most private label companies want to charge you big dollars for Government Formula and Label Approval. We keep your filing costs low to help jump-start production. We will take care of all the logistics, government filings, and applicable taxes. Call or email us for more information.