All of our products are crafted at our Spring Valley Distillery. We mix, distill, bottle, cap, and label everything by hand.

Much like ourselves, our products are never filtered, though they are lightly strained. You might see some oils floating on top of our Gin, or Caramelized Sugar settling in the Spiced Rum. Our 4 Grain Whiskey goes straight from the barrel to the proofing tank to the bottle never being filtered. We do this because it tastes better. Try our spirits and enjoy a true craft spirit made from people that are dedicated to what they are doing.

Hopefully with your support we will be able to purchase some equipment so that we can bottle/label faster, but for now it's a labor of love.

4 Grain Whiskey

When we decided to start Liberty Call Distilling, it was with the intent of making Whiskey. We wanted to create a Whiskey that was truly unique, and embraced the San Diego Craft Brewery spirit.

Most Whiskeys are made from either a Single Grain (think Scotch from Malted Barley, along with Rye, Corn, or Wheat Whiskies), or 3 Grains such as Bourbon with at least 51% Corn, and the remainder being either Rye or Wheat, with a little Barley for its enzymes. We decided to give our Whiskey a lot of flavor and went with Corn, Wheat, Rye, AND Barley. We made it from EQUAL parts of the 4 Grains, and then we decided to make it off the grain like a beer in keeping with the San Diego Beer Scene, and we even use a local beer yeast for an added kick of flavor.

But we didn’t stop there. The mash is only a small part of the flavor. To truly get a robust taste from the distillate we age our whiskey in a Solera System, generally reserved for fine Cognacs and Brandies. Simply said, we use multiple barrels to age the whiskey to help give it bold, smooth flavors, as well as being able to make a consistent product for years to come. We teamed up with a local startup, Hertzbier to use an in-barrel agitator that not only speeds up the aging process, but pulls out more flavors from the barrel.

And we still didn’t stop there. One of the great things about making a new style of whiskey is we have a blank slate to work with. There are no rules. So we decided to use specially toasted honey-combed woods to enhance the flavors. After much experimentation we landed on Cherry and Yellow Birch, and age a small part of each distillation with the honey-combed wood. We then blend the Cherry and Yellow Birch flavors back into the Solera Barrel Aged Whiskey, proof and bottle. Our one-of-a-kind Whiskey is bottled at 90 proof.


Navy Strength White Rum

For our rums, it starts with the sugar. We use pure, evaporated cane juice that is the cleanest form of raw sugar we could find. It comes from the first pressing of sugar cane. Conventional sugar refining methods remove the natural color and depth of flavor that raw sugar cane has. Our sugar is never refined, which helps preserve the fresh, real flavor and natural properties of the sugar cane plant, resulting in a better tasting sugar and a better tasting rum. We paired it with a wild yeast that brings out the most of the raw sugar flavors, and finish it with a wine yeast for very Californian version of rum.

Then we bring on the funk. We’re not talking about bad funk such as what you would find in a teenager’s bedroom, but good funk like George Clinton and the P-Funk. We have a dunder barrel that contains parts of old mashes, and has been allowed to sit and ferment apart from the main mashes. Dunder pits are typically found in the Caribbean and give an unparalleled flavor to the rum. Bananas, strawberry, and apricot flavors are prevalent, and our rum has a smooth finish. We hand bottle at 123 proof, and it will light gunpowder at room temperature.

Recently rated a 91 out of 100 by

Spiced Rum

Our Spiced Rum expands on the White Rum base. We re-distill the rum, load our botanical basket with 8 spices including Cloves, Cinnamon, Peppercorns, and Nutmeg. We use only the best of the hearts, refilling our botanical basket every couple of gallons to ensure that our Spiced Rum has a bold flavor.

The spiced rum is then rested with toasted and charred oak to smooth out any rough edges. The oak also adds vanilla notes, and allows us to darken the spiced rum without adding too much caramelized sugar.

We then add a splash of hand-made caramel, which is made by slowly heating the same pure sugar that we use to make the rum. This gives our Spiced Rum an incredible depth of flavor and crafts vanilla, toffee, and burnt sugar notes. Bold, spicy, and definitely not overly sweet, our Spiced Rum is unlike any other Spiced Rum on the market. We hand bottle at 90 proof.

Rated a 94 out 100 by in February 2016.


When we first started talking about crafting a gin, our first thoughts were “We don’t like Gin”. To us, most gins are akin to licking a pine tree. Much too bitter, and too hard to drink. So we decided to make a gin that was specifically crafted for people who don’t normally like gin.

Our gin uses our rum as a base, and then we add 13 botanicals for flavor. We crush Juniper and Coriander, hand-peel 3 different types of local citrus, and use 5 different flowers including Lavender and Chamomile to achieve our taste profile. The result is a light, floral gin with a slightly sweet taste. It works really well in gin and tonics, as well as drinks such as a Gin Fizz or Tom Collins. Our favorite drink has to be a Blackberry Gin Rickey, which is blackberry puree, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, with a splash and a dash of club soda and bitters.

Our Gin is hand bottled at 90 proof.

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