Navy Strength White Rum

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For our rums, it starts with the sugar. We use pure, evaporated cane juice that is the cleanest form of raw sugar we could find. It comes from the first pressing of sugar cane. Conventional sugar refining methods remove the natural color and depth of flavor that raw sugar cane has. Our sugar is never refined, which helps preserve the fresh, real flavor and natural properties of the sugar cane plant, resulting in a better tasting sugar and a better tasting rum. We paired it with a wild yeast that brings out the most of the raw sugar flavors, and finish it with a wine yeast for very Californian version of rum.

Then we bring on the funk. We’re not talking about bad funk such as what you would find in a teenager’s bedroom, but good funk like George Clinton and the P-Funk. We have a dunder barrel that contains parts of old mashes, and has been allowed to sit and ferment apart from the main mashes. Dunder pits are typically found in the Caribbean and give an unparalleled flavor to the rum. Bananas, strawberry, and apricot flavors are prevalent, and our rum has a smooth finish. We hand bottle at 123 proof, and it will light gunpowder at room temperature.

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