Spiced Rum

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Our Spiced Rum expands on the White Rum base. We re-distill the rum, load our botanical basket with 8 spices including Cloves, Cinnamon, Peppercorns, and Nutmeg. We use only the best of the hearts, refilling our botanical basket every couple of gallons to ensure that our Spiced Rum has a bold flavor.

The spiced rum is then rested with toasted and charred oak to smooth out any rough edges. The oak also adds vanilla notes, and allows us to darken the spiced rum without adding too much caramelized sugar.

We then add a splash of hand-made caramel, which is made by slowly heating the same pure sugar that we use to make the rum. This gives our Spiced Rum an incredible depth of flavor and crafts vanilla, toffee, and burnt sugar notes. Bold, spicy, and definitely not overly sweet, our Spiced Rum is unlike any other Spiced Rum on the market. We hand bottle at 90 proof.

Rated a 94 out 100 by Distiller.com in February 2016.

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