4 Grain Whiskey

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When we decided to start Liberty Call Distilling, it was with the intent of making Whiskey. We wanted to create a Whiskey that was truly unique, and embraced the San Diego Craft Brewery spirit.

Most Whiskeys are made from either a Single Grain (think Scotch from Malted Barley, along with Rye, Corn, or Wheat Whiskies), or 3 Grains such as Bourbon with at least 51% Corn, and the remainder being either Rye or Wheat, with a little Barley for its enzymes. We decided to give our Whiskey a lot of flavor and went with Corn, Wheat, Rye, AND Barley. We made it from EQUAL parts of the 4 Grains, and then we decided to make it off the grain like a beer in keeping with the San Diego Beer Scene, and we even use a local beer yeast for an added kick of flavor.

But we didn’t stop there. The mash is only a small part of the flavor. To truly get a robust taste from the distillate we age our whiskey in a Solera System, generally reserved for fine Cognacs and Brandies. Simply said, we use multiple barrels to age the whiskey to help give it bold, smooth flavors, as well as being able to make a consistent product for years to come. We teamed up with a local startup, Hertzbier to use an in-barrel agitator that not only speeds up the aging process, but pulls out more flavors from the barrel.

And we still didn’t stop there. One of the great things about making a new style of whiskey is we have a blank slate to work with. There are no rules. So we decided to use specially toasted honey-combed woods to enhance the flavors. After much experimentation we landed on Cherry and Yellow Birch, and age a small part of each distillation with the honey-combed wood. We then blend the Cherry and Yellow Birch flavors back into the Solera Barrel Aged Whiskey, proof and bottle. Our one-of-a-kind Whiskey is bottled at 90 proof.


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